About us

AppPel has more than 12 years of experience with conceptualizing, designing and developing and deploying web-applications. We work in close cooperation with our clients throughout this whole process, even after delivering a final application.

AppPel is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


  • Front-end: HTML5, React framework, JavaScript, Next.js framework
  • Back-end: PHP (8+) with Laravel (8+) framework, Node.js with Express framework
  • Databases: MariaDB (MySQL), SQLite, MongoDB
  • Cloud hosting: Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean
  • Content Management Systems: We are big fans of the Strapi Headless CMS and it is our default CMS for new projects.
    Laravel Nova is an admin panel and CMS that we also enjoy implementing and using.


Clients include, among others:

Action, Budget Energie, Erasmus MC, HEMA, Media Markt Saturn, Vakcentrum and Ziggo.

Our applications have been used by more than 15 million users.”

Tim Pellikaan, Director AppPel

Recent projects

Anapptomy website
App, CMS and website for Anapptomy in cooperation with Erasmus MC
Telecom solution for Media Markt Spain
Service Solution for Budget Energie, Ziggo and Santander in cooperation with Media Markt the Netherlands


Mail us at info@AppPel.nl

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